Scotlandís Planning Legacy

exhibition marking the 80th anniversary of the RTPI Scottish Branch

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Scotlandís Planning Legacy was launched at a reception in the Scottish Parliament on 19th May 2010 in the presence of Planning Minister Stewart Stevenson MSP, Sarah Boyack MSP, members of the Scottish Parliament, the European Council of Spatial Planners, the Royal Town Planning Institute and guests by Ann Skippers RTPI President and Ian Angus convener RTPI Scottish Executive.

copyright Charles Strang

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Ann Skippers President RTPI with Stewart Stevenson the Planning Minister, Veronica Burbridge RTPI Scotlandís National Director and Ian Angus, current convener of RTPI in Scotland at the opening of the Scotlandís Planning Legacy exhibition in the Scottish Parliament


Authorís note:

Scotlandís Planning Legacy was prepared in 2010 to fulfil the charitable and educational objectives of the Royal Town Planning Institute in Scotland (Scottish charity SC037841) by Roger Kelly in aid of RTPI in Scotland, 57 Melville Street, Edinburgh EH3 7HL tel0131 226 1959.Please draw any relevant information to the compilerís attention so that appropriate corrections or additional acknowledgements may be made.


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Scotlandís Planning Legacy exhibition

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